Slavik and Premier, through their affiliate, Scripps Park Associates, LLC, were selected by the Detroit Housing Commission to redevelop another one of its public housing projects, Jeffries East, under HUD’s HOPE VI program. It resulted in the demolition of over 260 units and the new construction of 180 replacement affordable family rental units. Once again, the development team utilized a coordinated effort in planning the development that included several resident meetings and Housing Commission involvement, in addition to the selection of a talented group of urban planners, engineers and architects as well as the utilizing the talents of SBD as the general contractor. The development team successfully processed 2 separate tax credit applications for the 180 replacement rental units. Construction commenced on the first phase in 2010 and construction was completed on the last phase in 2012. Total development costs were approximately $32,400,000 and funding sources included HOPE VI loans, Replacement Housing Factor (RHF) funds, deferred developer fees and low income housing tax credits.